Sun Dive Co. — Offering more better and comprehensive scuba diving services for our scuba divers, we had a different type of local diving services, variety of diving training options and local diving trip with the high-quality diving boat. Our daily boat dives trip provided safe, nice, and comfortable boat dive services for our customers. We never schedule for the dive site for the trips, just depend on the wind direction and water visibility, and sail to the sites where is adapt for our divers. we also provide favorable lunch, soft-drink and drinking water for the daily diving trips, and for your safety and comfort, we never allow our boat overload.

Let’s become a certified scuba diver to explore and travel the world!!~

Select a best way for your scuba diving training is very important. During the training course, you needed to know how to become a diver, and mastery of using diving equipment, managing emergency responses. We always suggest our customer join our pool plus boat dives training plan…(See more)

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